B Tru 2 U.

Be True to Yourself. Know the facts about alcohol. Know what it can do to you, and what the results of “partying” can be. Alcohol is a poison that affects your body, your mind and your feelings.

In the short-term, alcohol can:

  • Cause you to use poor judgment
  • Cause you to take unhealthy risks
  • Make you look stupid in front of your friends

In the long-term, alcohol can:

  • Reduce your learning ability. Research indicates that kids who abuse alcohol may remember 10 percent less of what they have learned than those who don’t drink.
  • Increase your risk of lifelong problems with alcohol. More than 40 percent of kids who begin drinking before age 13 will develop addiction or alcohol dependency.

Here are some one-liners to help you when offered alcohol:

  • Alcohol’s NOT my thing.
  • No, thanks. I have better things to do!
  • I don’t feel like it — do you have any soda?
  • Are you talking to me? FORGET it.
  • Why do you KEEP pressuring me when I’ve said NO?

Here are some other things you can do:

  • Talk to your parents about alcohol.
  • Don’t let ads trick you into thinking alcohol is OK for you.
  • Don’t ride in a car if the driver has been drinking alcohol.
  • Talk to your coach, teacher, counselor or principal about alcohol use in your school.
  • Find out the facts about alcohol and the good reasons not to drink it.
Above the Influence Alcohols Harmful Effects

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